Cloudflare dishes up the stats on internet traffic in 2023


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This is from The Register on December 13. This article brought up some interesting points on the state of the Internet. 

Cloudflare says that global internet traffic grew 25 percent this year, while Google regained its crown as the most visited web destination. Only a third of IPv6-capable requests were actually made over IPv6, and a third of all global bot traffic came from the US.
This surprised me a bit, mostly the global bot traffic originating from the US. Maybe it's our friends over at the digitalized ocean? ::)

Another evergreen topic for Reg readers is IPv6 and its gradual adoption since the official "World IPv6 launch day" back in 2012. According to Cloudflare, this has so far reached just 33.75 percent of traffic across its network, while IPv4 requests still accounted for 66.25 percent.
This is another shocking stat. I would have figured IPv6 would have been up higher.

What are your thoughts on this?