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Read This First!
This is a public forum and any support requests here can be viewed by others. Do not post usernames or passwords in this forum! You can post URLs if you would like, however it may be best to generalize URLs (such as "").

The replies you get here may not be from NodeSpace staff. If you require official technical support, please open a ticket at Support Tickets are only handled by NodeSpace staff and have secure fields for securely handling passwords.

This forum only contains best-effort replies to your help requests and there is no SLA! If you require a prompt response, please open a ticket.

NodeSpace does not officially support coding issues. You can use these forums to ask for coding help with the understanding that any replies are best-effort and may not be correct. Always verify code before blindly running it! Same with any commands you are provided.

Tips for getting help
  • Use a descriptive subject for your post. "Upgraded server to Ubuntu 22.04 and no longer boots" is better than "Server no longer boots" which is much better than "Help!".
  • Provide screenshots (and blur/remove sensitive information) if possible. Like they say, a picture is worth 1000 words.
  • Provide full error messages (but redact sensitive information like domain names and usernames) and, if possible, relevant lines of code including a few lines before and a few lines after.
  • Use proper post formatting (e.g. adding code in a "code" block).
  • It's always better to provide more information than not enough information.

If your question is answered or your problem is solved, click the "Mark as solved" button!

This post will be updated with additional information as needed.​
Not open for further replies.